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Thread: Asset R6.3 for QNAP not working

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    Asset R6.3 for QNAP not working

    I have upgraded Asset from R6.2 to the brand-new R6.3 to fix the "Asset R6.2 does not send composer" issue. However R6.3 is not operational on my QNAP TS 119 PII. The same problem occurs as already stated for R6.3 beta4 in

    There were no installation erros, and Asset R6.3 can be started/stopped in QTS 4.3.3. However,the R6.3 is not operational and visible as UPnP Server. If I try to connect to the Asset configuration web page I get connection refused from the browser.

    I have uninstalled Asset completely then rebooted the QNAP and then reinstalled R6.3. But the error ist still there. Deactivating the Antivirus Software or other Applications does not help. QNAP CPU load and RAM usage looks uncritical.

    For the R6.3 beta releases there is a statement that system requirements have changed since R6.2, and QNAP ARMv5 is no longer supported. Yes, my QNAP TS 119 PII is rather old, but arm-x19, and should be compatible?

    I had to revert to R6.2, which works fine.

    Any ideas what the problem could be?

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    Re: Asset R6.3 for QNAP not working

    I'm sorry but very old QNAP models are no longer supported in Asset R6.3.

    Please stick with R6.2. It's a reasonably stable version with no critical bugs.

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