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Thread: Acronova Batch CD Ripping Errors

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    Acronova Batch CD Ripping Errors

    Acronova Nimbie Batch CD ripper (NB21-BR with Pioneer CD/DVD/Bluray rom) rejects some CDs (on small or unfamiliar labels) using dbPower Batch Ripper (the "pair") every now and then ("no metadata"); for other CDs on small labels, the same pair failed to find the related CD cover photos (though it accurately rips the CDs). However, when I use my desktop computer CD/DVD Rom to rip the same CDs with dbPower's single CD Ripper, the result is invariably accurate - CD metadata plus related cover photos. Why the discrepancy between the two dbPower ripping interfaces (Batch Ripper and Single CD Ripper, the latter more accurate)? Or the CD rom hardware makes the difference? If so, why and how? How can I improve the batch ripping result?
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