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Thread: Warning before ripping a CD already in your collection

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    Question Warning before ripping a CD already in your collection

    Good Morning!

    I searched through this forum and surprisingly did not find any other threads on this particular topic, so here it goes:

    I have a fairly sizable FLAC library on a home server and sometimes use my laptop separately to rip CDs. The problem is, I previously ripped all my older 2000+ CD library using EAC. So there's no database for CD Ripper to warn me if I'm about to rip an album I already have.

    Now, I also purchased PerfectTunes, so my question is; is there is a way to build a simple database (text file format maybe, or CSV?) of albums I already own, copy the file to my laptop, and have CD Ripper check that database when I put a CD in the drive to see if I already own it?

    There are also several tracks in my existing library which were questionably ripped due to damage on the CD itself, and several FLAC files which have decoding errors due to bit-rot back in the day when I had them stored on much older hard drives, before Windows 10 Storage spaces and ReFS. So, it would be really convenient if the album had already been ripped, but did have some errors on the track, to only select the tracks on the CD in the drive which registered in PerfectTunes as inaccurate or with FLAC decoding errors.

    I suspect you'd want to match existing media based on Album name, Year released, and Artist Name yes?

    If there's a way to do this or if it could be implemented in a future release, that would be fantastic!

    Keep up the awesome work!

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    Re: Warning before ripping a CD already in your collection

    There is nothing automatic which will do what you want.

    You can either:

    Re-rip all with dbp (and potentially have better metadata, and album art).


    Run AccurateRip in PerfectTUNES to identify which tracks have errors.

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