2 issues have recently cropped up.

First, Asset keeps falling off of my network. I'm running a 3 node google mesh network. I've rebooted everything multiple times, but Asset is not visible in mConnect or VLC unless I turn off WiFi, then restart WiFi. Then its visible and works fine until I stop music for a while. Then its not visible on the network and I have to reset WiFi again.This is new behavior, its been running fine for over a year. I'm running Asset R6.2 premium.

Second, just purchased an album that was all .wav files. Assed doesn't find it in the same folder everything else is that Asset finds just fine. I thought it might be the .wav extension, so I used dbConvert to convert all the .wav to Apple Lossless, and Assed still doesn't find the album, even though I explicitly added the album folder in the Asset configuration.

Any ideas? What am I missing?