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Thread: HDCD DSP Questions

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    HDCD DSP Questions - Need Help, Please

    I've read all the posts I can find on the HDCD DSP and I have a few straightforward questions, if someone could answer them, without a ton of input about +6db and elevated levels and such:

    1. I've ripped some HDCDs (73 of them to be exact) into AIFF, WAV and FLAC and the HDCD DSP plugin was on during all of the rips. Are only the FLAC files affected? I see the AIFF and WAV came back as 16/44.1 and the FLAC is 24/44.1
    2. Is there degradation of my tracks with this DSP enabled, even though they are HDCDs?
    3. Do I need to re-rip these discs to make them truly lossless and bit-perfect?
    4. What format is going to sound better going from the computer into an external DAC?
    5. I've ripped over 600 discs that are not HDCD and realize now that I've had the HDCD DSP on for all of them. Is this going to affect the sound, or since they are not HDCDs, they are fine? I'm wondering about the db loss due to the plugin.

    For background, I'm using an iMac for all of my rips and archiving, and I left the +6db selection OFF during all of my rips. The AIFF and WAV were set to (same as source), and they ended up as 16 bit, and the FLAC was set to lossless uncompressed and came back 24 bit.

    Thanks for any easy-to-understand help on this.
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