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Thread: dBpoweramp single user Query

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    Smile dBpoweramp single user Query

    I have a dual boot Windows computer with Win XP 32bit on one hard disc drive and Win 7 64bit on a separate hard disc drive and would like to install a copy of dBpoweramp on both.
    Will the purchase of a dBpoweramp single user licence enable me to do the installation on my computer ?


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    Re: dBpoweramp single user Query

    As it is based on active installs you would need the family pack to install twice.

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    Re: dBpoweramp single user Query

    But the installation is only on my one computer and its impossible and not desirable to use both copies at the same time.

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    Re: dBpoweramp single user Query

    I do not recommend to use Windows XP at all as it is unsupported for quiet a while. Tools like CD Ripper make use of an internet connection and that makes things even worse or dangerous. If you ask me I wouldn't spend an extra licence to use dBpa on XP.

    What are your reasons to still use XP or want to use dBpa with XP, especially if you have Windows 7 too? Kepp in mind: the support for Windows 7 will end next January.

    Dat Ei

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