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Thread: Possible to disable mp3 -> lossless conversion?

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    Possible to disable mp3 -> lossless conversion?

    I've been using the Music Converter for a while and only just today realized that I have been accidentally converting some .mp3's to .aiff without realizing it. I download a lot of music in .flac and have to convert it to .aiff but sometimes a few .mp3's slip in the cracks. I now have some random transcodes in my library that will take time to pinpoint. I'm wondering if it is possible to force Music Converter to not create transcodes? I can filter out .mp3's before I batch convert now that I know about it but would be cool to have that safety net.

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    Re: Possible to disable mp3 -> lossless conversion?

    You can include the DSP effect 'Conditional Encode' and set it to 1:1 copy mp3 files.

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