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Thread: BWF (Broadcast Wave Files) tags?

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    BWF (Broadcast Wave Files) tags?

    Kind of a bit of a story.

    I'm wanting to rip all of my disks to a longer term storage so that I won't need to rip them again. In the past I have ripped straight to a highly compressed codec (a long time ago for most, back when storage was still expensive). In addition to this, I manage a radio station at work, and want to put everything into the library there, but this library requires BWF file tagging, which is currently not supported. Then while looking through some of the features, I see the DSP section and a way to map tags to other tags... Is it possible to write this DSP to include the BWF tags that I need? I can supply the tag ID and what goes in each tag from the Broadcast Software International Info Edit tool. I'm just looking to cut down on the amount of manual data entry since I have many hundreds of disks to re-rip to get all this done.

    The big reason to want dbPowerAmp for this job is the Normalize DSP, everything needs to be normalized to EBU R128 so that the automation plays it back at similar level to each other. We've been adding a song here and song there for years and doing all this manually. But with a huge batch of work, I'd like to get as much done in a single tool as possible.

    Just wanted to ask before I purchase and see if it is possible. I can rip a short song and then tag it in Info Editor if that is a better way to demonstrate the differences between what is provided, and what I need.

    Thanks and sorry for a very basic question, I didn't see this discussed through google searches so I thought I better ask.

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    Re: BWF (Broadcast Wave Files) tags?

    Mapping will not help, the tag is totally different. You might find modern radio stations have gone over to XML, and there is a XML writing DSP effect.

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