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Thread: Playlist creation software available from your company?

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    Playlist creation software available from your company?

    I have the dBpoweramp suite (including CD Ripper) and PerfectTUNES, but I didn't find any playlist creation function in any of those software suites. Do you have, or do you have plans to make, a custom playlist creation software (i.e., just add songs or albums to a new playlist where you can name the playlist, re-order the songs/albums, etc., and have the playlist be in a standard portable format like M3U, etc.)? I'd like such a playlist creation software to be Windows 10 64-bit compatible and work with FLAC files.

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    Re: Playlist creation software available from your company?

    We do not have such, sorry.

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    Re: Playlist creation software available from your company?

    There is a Java app called ListFix, which basically will allow you to fix your playlists when your music library is moved/relocated. This saved me a great deal of pain when I decided to reorganize the library on my Sony Walkman to match the folder structure of the music library on my PC. The crappy Sony transfer software creates it's own funky playlists that cannot be exported.

    It's main function is to search a music library, or libraries that you specify. When selecting a particular playlist from a location you choose, it will display the contents along with indicators for each entry in the playlist, to show if the files were found or not. For the files you cant find, it will display a list of possible matches from which you can choose which file belongs to that particular playlist entry. In my use, it found about 95% of the files up front, and when it couldn't find the file, the first entry in the list to choose was always the file I needed.

    Anyway, the app also allows creation of new playlists, as well as reorganizing existing playlists by reordering, adding or deleting tracks, and my absolute favorite, it deletes duplicates from playlists (I had many since they were created with the Sony transfer software).

    The latest version is quite old (2012), but works beautifully. It's not the most intuitive on what you need to do, but I was able to figure it out in a few minutes. There are some quirks, mainly with display issues, but the app is fully functional. You can download an .exe installer, or a pure Java (.jar) file so the software should run on any platform that uses Java.

    Just search for ListFix 2.2.0.

    Another option, which I'm sure many here use is Music Bee. It's a full featured library manager and can create many types of playlists, sort of like iTunes. You can create auto playlists, but for this to be most useful, you'll need to keep on top of rating your tracks in the library.
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    Re: Playlist creation software available from your company?

    Can Foobar make playlists?

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    Re: Playlist creation software available from your company?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldshoe View Post
    Can Foobar make playlists?

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    Playlist creation software available from your company

    Many thanks how I can thank you?

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