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Thread: Can not burn CD's

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    Question Can not burn CD's

    Installed new version and lost CD writer and assume now I use the CD converter to write or convert to Audio CD. However the screen does not allow me to access a CD.

    DBPowerAmp writer.png

    When I open the converter to make a CD the file information on the right hand of the screen is not present, not allowing me to import the files using that method...

    Need to burns CD's and hat to give up this program, thanks in advance for any help in resolving this issue.


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    Re: Can not burn CD's

    Music Converter is not software that can burn discs. CD Writer is no longer supported (and can't run under the 64-bit version of dBpoweramp). Have a look here: https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...RAMP-REFERENCE

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    Re: Can not burn CD's

    CD Writer has been discontinued several years ago (see CD Writer board). You can use free software CDburnerXP.

    Dat Ei

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