Hello everyone,

I am currently having some problems configuring Accuraterip while setting up dBpoweramp for the first time.

I am using a Plextor BDR-209EBK drive that I hooked up to my computer through a SATA to USB3.0 adapter. The drive works absolutely fine on my computer and in dBpoweramp, however it is recognized by Windows not as the Pioneer itself. but through "ASMedia - ASM105X", which I think is the name of the adapter in some way.

Now the Accuraterip configuration window pops up, it finds the "ASMedia - ASM105X" device in the Accuraterip database and expects an offset of +6. However, when I checked the Accuraterip database online for the Pioneer drive it says +667. I have been putting in some discs for configuration and the ones that work indeed come back as +667, but now Accuraterip says it will not key those as they don't match the expected offset of +6. Do you guys have any idea what to do to proper configure the drive?

Thanks a lot!