I use the latest trial version of Music Converter on Windows 7 in a multi-monitor configuration with two 1920x1200 monitors. The last two days when I try to run a conversion the encoding window and the progress window are initially placed in the upper left corner, and only 1/4 of the window is visible. Although using the instructions I found on this site I can temporarily move both windows to any position, the next time I run the program they return to the corner. Disconecting second monitor, reinstalling the program as well as changing the registry key value HKCU/Software/Illustrate/dBpoweramp/dMC-X and dMC-Y have no effect. Prior to reinstallation their values were 4294967090 and 4294967260 respectively. After reinstallation these values are set to 925 and 507, but any modification of these values has no visible result.