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Thread: TuneFUSION DSP questions

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    TuneFUSION DSP questions

    Two further questions on TuneFUSION.

    1. If I want to process FLAC files, only changing metadata with the DSP "ID Tag Processing", the program seems to suggest that I need to re-encode every file. This will take a lot as I am about to send it 500Mb of FLAC files. Have I understood correctly, or can I get it to wrangle the metadata but not re-encode the music?

    2. I need to get Album Artists into the Artist field, for Tesla's crappy in-car player. I read in this forum that I can use:
    IF Album Artist=[anyvalue]
    SET Artist=[Album Artist]
    Is that correct? And how do I handle the mess of my source files, some of which use "AlbumArtist" and some "Album Artist"? Should I have a further pair of rules IF AlbumArtist etc, or does dbPowerAmp grab both kinds of tag behind the scenes?
    Also, does that rule remove ALL artist tags and replace with the Album Artist, or do I need to do something else to cope with albums that have many Artist tags?


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    Re: TuneFUSION DSP questions

    SPOON: You answered question 1 in another message (you plan to allow DSP processing in 1:1 copies), thanks. But could I have your advice on question 2 please.

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    Re: TuneFUSION DSP questions

    TuneFUSION should be able to read both, however your player might not so you can use dBpoweramp with 'Update ID Tag' convert all your flac files to this (do a small test first) and it will map to one standard.

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