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Thread: PerfectTUNES: Fixing album art takes forever

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    Question PerfectTUNES: Fixing album art takes forever


    I am experiencing this strange behaviour when fixing album art using PerfectTUNES:

    - Start Perfect TUNES
    - Select Album Art (default selection: n albums without art)
    - Click on the Fix button for an album
    - Select an image

    So far so good, but now:
    - "[Applying art...]" shows above the number of tracks
    - On the disk folder containing the tracks I see <track>.flac.tmp file (very) slowing growing to the size of the track
    - This goes on for all tracks in the album!
    - Finally it finishes and the art is indeed fixed

    Why all this hassle, I only expected the Folder.jpg to be updated? This way the fixing album art functionality of PerfectTUNES is barely useful to me.

    BTW: my music is all stored on a not too fast Synology NAS.

    Best regards,

    Wilko Hische

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    Re: PerfectTUNES: Fixing album art takes forever

    Is there a setting in PerfectTunes that tells it to embed the art in each file. (I cant recall). If so, you should untick this option.

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    Re: PerfectTUNES: Fixing album art takes forever

    The art is written into the FLAC file, and for this to happen the flac file
    has to be read, and written out with the new art (which is at the front of
    the file). Even if you only create folder.jpg, if your flac files already
    have art then the same has to happen to remove the old art.

    You can set perfecttunes to only write folder.jpg, click the 'settings
    spanner' on the tool bar in the Album art program and uncheck 'embed album

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