Question for admin and sales.
After years of abstinence from ďrippingĒ cdís and storing my collection on a dodgy linux computer (I fell by the wayside and started playing the cdís again when the system crashed!), I have decided to join back up with modern society.
I remembered I had purchased DBPoweramp previously, and when I checked, I found that I had purchased it twice. R14.4 (Single PC) & R15.3 (Single PC). I donít know why I did this, but thatís what it shows.
I would like to get the latest version, and maybe perfect tunes also? One other thing (I like to be awkward), there is only I will use this, but if I wanted the program/s on my PC, and my MAC, is there a cost effective way to do this please? Only my MAC is portable, which the PC isnít, and the versatility would be a bonus.
Thank you so much.