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Thread: Music Players can't recognise converted tracks

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    Question Music Players can't recognise converted tracks

    I spent a couple of days batch converting my music library from AIFF files to m4a. When I switched library pathways for the various players I have (Roon, Audirvana and Amarra as well as iTunes) none could play any of the m4a tracks. After fiddling around for a while it appears the problem is that every song has been converted with a backslash in front of its title (\04. Cry Cry Cry.m4a etc).
    Roon is the least capable of dealing with this. Selecting a song results in the message "Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load" followed immediately after by a second message: "Too many failures. Skipping playback." More disturbingly, Roon then proceeds to wipe its entire library album by album.
    The only way to deal with this is to go through track after track deleting the backslash, at which point each track is playable. Alternatively, in iTunes I can respond to a message that the track can't be found by hitting the "Locate" button, which the allows it to be played ... but again this has to be done track by track.
    As there are many thousand tracks involvedI don't have the patience or time to pursue either form of manual editing.

    My questions:
    (i) is there any way of batch editing all the tracks to get rid of the backslashes? I presume not but I remain naively hopeful.
    (ii) if not and the only way to go is converting everything all over again, can dBpoweramp be set in the first place to avoid this problem?
    Any help anyone can offer would be seriously appreciated.

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    Re: Music Players can't recognise converted tracks

    I think I sorted this. The dynamic naming box for the destination folder was set, for some reason, as "[origpath]\[origfilename]" so the backslash was being imported into track names. I can also solve it by reconverting everything with the necessary change to the dynamic naming as "[origpath]/[origfilename]" This means repeating the longwinded batch conversion thing but a bit of patience won't go astray as compensation for what was probably my own stupidity.

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