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Thread: Error logs

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    Error logs

    I'm trying to get a better understanding of the error logs produced after a rip; is there any information where I can read a breakdown of the logs? Specifically I'd like to know what '[c2 dropped 10]' and '[c2 best match]' mean from the following rip:

    Re-rip Frame: 2435 (00:00:32.466). Insecure (c2 dropped 10)
    Re-rip Frame: 3101 (00:00:41.346). Insecure (c2 dropped 10)
    Re-rip Frame: 3141 (00:00:41.880). Insecure [c2 best match]
    Re-rip Frame: 3181 (00:00:42.413). Insecure [c2 best match]


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    Re: Error logs

    A c2 drop means the drive is reporting an error, so the frames are dropped. However a c2 best match is where the drive reports an error but the results are the same and are used, there can be incorrect errors reported.

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