Hi all

Not been on here for a while and Not quite a DBPA problem..Something Iam not sure about.

After ripping I always back up. Currently Using a 2tb ext.HD seagate and WD Drives.

Until recently never had any probs copying rips over from my Computer to My HDs...
Until Now. Iam getting "Cannot find Hds," The HDS Dissappearing Completely (Imagine the frustration halfway through a CD RIP transfer!)

Ive never formatted the disks Iam Using NTFS nOT FAT. but Iam getting pop ups saying reformat.

If needed to reformat can I do this while Flac Files on disc..? Or do i have to wipe clear and transfer info..?

Of Course it could just be a Faulty connection wire..Which I will try

Any ideas..?