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Thread: Can anyone help with my v16 issue?

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    Can anyone help with my v16 issue?

    Yesterday I posted this issue:

    "New to v16 - Feature of v15 Not Working

    I am new to v16. A feature of v15 that I found useful isn't working on v16. I find that the metadata suggested needs altering in 99/100 rips. After altering then ripping on v15, when the CD ejected, if I re-loaded the CD all my alterations would be visible so that I can compare to the file created. This isn't happening on v16, it is reloading what it first found from the internet and all my alterations have gone. I know I could untick 'eject disc' and I should be able to compare, but I found it useful if I had to leave the editing process for a while and I ejected the CD so the drive wasn't spinning unnecessarily for a long while, when I come back to the editing and re-loaded the CD all my alterations from the previous session would still be there so long as the PC hadn't been turned off. In fact sometimes if I returned to the process a few days later and the PC had been turned off, my alterations would still be there rather than what dBpoweramp found on the internet."

    Could anyone help? v16 is proving difficult for me to work with compared to v15. I need to somehow keep the alterations I am making to the metadata so that I can check my work, but more importantly if I have to leave the PC for a while to do something else and not leave the CD spinning. If v16 cannot be set to do what I want would I be able to re-install v15 and run the two versions side by side? I could use v15 for the more tedious rips that require lots of alterations that take time and v16 for the more straight foward rips. Could this be done if v16 cannot be configured to do what I want?

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    Re: Can anyone help with my v16 issue?

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