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Thread: New to v16 - Feature of v15 Not Working

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    New to v16 - Feature of v15 Not Working

    I am new to v16. A feature of v15 that I found useful isn't working on v16. I find that the metadata suggested needs altering in 99/100 rips. After altering then ripping on v15, when the CD ejected, if I re-loaded the CD all my alterations would be visible so that I can compare to the file created. This isn't happening on v16, it is reloading what it first found from the internet and all my alterations have gone. I know I could untick 'eject disc' and I should be able to compare, but I found it useful if I had to leave the editing process for a while and I ejected the CD so the drive wasn't spinning unnecessarily for a long while, when I come back to the editing and re-loaded the CD all my alterations from the previous session would still be there so long as the PC hadn't been turned off. In fact sometimes if I returned to the process a few days later and the PC had been turned off, my alterations would still be there rather than what dBpoweramp found on the internet.

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    Re: New to v16 - Feature of v15 Not Working

    I tried and it worked for me, if you can:

    CD Ripper >> Options button >> active metadata providers >> ensure dBpoweramp cache is checked
    for the metadata provider settings >> dBpoweramp Cache

    ensure it is set to 200MB

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    Re: New to v16 - Feature of v15 Not Working

    Cheers Spoon

    I am at work at the moment so I will try it later. I'll let you know!


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