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Thread: NAS Drive Query (from a beginner)

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    Question NAS Drive Query (from a beginner)

    Hello there,

    many thanks for the forum and for dbpoweramp suite. Have bought CDRipper and very impressive; rare to find one that gets 99% of data. I now have a 30d trial of Asset.

    I'm not sure whether this question is off topic so apologies if it is outside the forum's scope.

    1) I have a streamer with UPnP and USB as input options. Have home wifi router with USB input. Have 500Gb USB drive. Have ripped approx 100 CDs to USB drive.
    2) I can plug USB drive straight into streamer but (a) the music library looks horrible in the streamer App (b) we wanted to also access music from wifi speaker in another room in future, so keen to find a better way to share through the house.
    3) Thought I might be able to create a "NAS" drive by installing Asset on the USB hard drive. Have been trying to do this but failing. The USB drive has nothing on it apart from music - it is formatted as vfat / MS-DOS fat but I've not put any OS on it. When I downloaded Asset I moved it to the USB drive, ran the install from there and let it create the relevant directories. I could configure Asset to point the library to the music, but when I plugged it into the router it was not found as a UPnP server...

    Appreciate this is perhaps not what the HiFi gurus would do, but finances restrict ability to do more at this time... Also, I am trying to get a set up where I don't need to have a PC/Mac constantly online in order to play music.

    Strange thing that at one point yesterday when the USB drive was plugged into the router, the streamer did pick it up as a UPnP server and the streamer App looked a lot more user friendly. However, I cannot now recreate that situation (annoyingly)...

    Any help, advice very much appreciated. Not sure if I need to put a "lite" OS on the USB drive (e.g. FreeNAS?) or perhaps what I want is just not possible.

    thanks again.

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    Re: NAS Drive Query (from a beginner)

    Asset would need to run on a computer, be it your PC, or a real NAS (such as QNAP). You cannot install Asset on a USB hdd then move the HDD onto a player.

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    Re: NAS Drive Query (from a beginner)

    Ah ok thanks Spoon. I'll dig out an old laptop and see about using that.
    Also meant to say that CDRipper gets 100% of data 99% of the time, not that it only gets 99% of data!!!

    Many thanks again, forum much appreciated.

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