I've recently enountered a strange problem using a Cambridge NP30 to stream FLAC from a Buffalo Linkstation running Twonky. I'd assumed for a long time that I'd overlooked the issue of 'pre-track gaps' when ripping, because tracks seemed to play one after the other with no silence between, even when there had been when playing the CD, but now I've found that the ripper defaulted to appending such gaps as silence to the previous track, and looking in Audacity, there the trailing silences are - and playing the tracks through Windows Media Player (which as far as I can tell is streaming from Twonky on the Buffalo as does the NP30) on my laptop correctly plays the silence at the end of the song, before the next one starts, whereas on the NP30, the next song starts immediately after the last note of the previous. So what's happening with the NP30? Have they over-aggressively implemented gapless playback? Is anyone else with an NP30 having the same experience? I am puzzled. I have submitted a support ticket to Cambridge Audio, which hopefully will yield something, but I wonder if anyone else can shed light on this.