I have used dBpoweramp for about three years (an older version) and had problems getting metadata for certain music CDs (mostly classical ABC Classics in Australia where I live). Didn't worry about it too much and just typed in the details I required, as it worked for most other CDs.

I have now had the need to use it a bit more and looked for alternatives on the web - I am a Mac user and mostly the relevant metadata was found and continues to be found for these types of CDs by iTunes but i didn't want to use that. I found an additional free program called XLD which I downloaded and it also finds the correct metadata (but won't find album art unless you subscribe to Amazon!)

I though the most recent version of dBpoweramp might help so I took a chance and purchased it but still no luck with the metadata for these particular types of CDs! For examples recent 2018 CD set called America:Bold and Brilliant to be found at www.abcclassics.com.

I am not clever enough to be able to work out what fields I might need to edit in the metadata to allow it to be imported automatically but I find it a bit strange that two free programs can find it without a problem but this program can't......

Does anyone have and ideas or thoughts?