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Thread: Couple of glitches with 16.6

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    Couple of glitches with 16.6

    Running 16.6 registered on Windows 7. Have not ripped CDs for a long time and have just noticed a couple of glitches.

    When ripping CDs, I can browse alternate album art, but on clicking on one, the art used stays as the default.

    After ripping the first disc in a session, when I put a new disc in, CD ripper does not seem to realise, even though the Windows OS knows it's there. I click the refresh button on the CD ripper toolbar and then the disc appears, but not automatically.

    EDIT: fixed the album art, it was the default limit on resolution that was the problem. So it's just the absence of auto refresh when inserting a new disc that's the issue. The drive is an internal Asus BW-16D1HT on orginal 3.00 firmware.
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