Hope someone can explain what this means * frames to re-rip, Passing verification etc:

Track 3: Ripped LBA 124158 to 243758 (26:34) in 8:06. Filename: D:\Music-RockBluesJazz\Leonard Bernstein-Gershwin,Copland, barber\Gershwin; Rhapsody in Blue; Copland; Appalachian Spring; Samuel Barber; Adagio\03 Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra - Appalachian Spring, concert suite for full orchestra._

AccurateRip: Inaccurate (confidence 69) Insecure [Pass 1 & 2, Re-Rip 1689 Frames]

CRC32: 6AAC56EA AccurateRip CRC: B5CD5504 (CRCv2) [DiscID: 003-0006ce3c-0016f1b1-1c0cb203-3]

** Aborted: Have to ReRip 1689 Frames, Re-Rip Limit Set to 100 Frames

Audio File Passed Verification