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Thread: Album Artist, Album _Artist.

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    Album Artist, Album _Artist.


    Quick question before i start sorting the metadata on some of my albums.

    When i browse my music using the Naim app under the "Artist" tab then say press "D" not all of the albums surname beginning with "D" are showing.

    When i look at the metadata some of my albums have more more than one sort field, some have no sort field (mainly downloads).

    Artist Sort

    Album Artist Sort

    When i edit the metadata do i delete "ARTIST_SORT" and "ALBUM_ARTIST_SORT" or do i add them to the albums that do not have them. Am i right in thinking these duel fields are the cause of my problems.

    Naim Uniti Nova.
    Qnap HS 251 nas.
    Asset 6.2.


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    Re: Album Artist, Album _Artist.

    There is a configuration option to ignore the sort tag:

    The Artist & Album Handling has 3 modes (examples using The Beetles):
    Smart: this mode keeps the artist text as The Beetles, yet sorts the artist under 'B'
    Value, The: places the on the end, for example Beetles, The
    Leave as is: does not adjust the displayed value or sorted position

    Trying PerfectTUNES will speed up sort management, it can show inconsistent sort tags.

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