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Thread: WMA Lossless over 44.1 - BROKEN

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    WMA Lossless over 44.1 - BROKEN

    Used to be able to convert FLAC above 44.1k to WMA Lossless. Earlier versions worked fine.
    However, no longer. Converting anything above 44.1k to WMA Lossless (96k, 192k, Multichannel, etc.) all FAIL.
    As I mentioned, this worked fine in previous versions and now no longer works.


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    Re: WMA Lossless over 44.1 - BROKEN

    Microsoft have broken WMA Lossless and high res with a recent Windows 10 update, there is a big discussion on Hydrogenaud.io all programs are effected (except Microsofts own as they use different system codecs).

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