Opus must be crashing, here a normal log:

Splitting Command Line:"C:\Program Files\dBpowerAMP\CoreConverter.exe" -dbcmd="z:\tmpusr\dBTD420.tmp"
->-> [dBCoreConverter::ReaddBCommandFile]
<-<- [dBCoreConverter::ReaddBCommandFile]
Decodes [clDecoder_Opus::Get]
BatchID [clDecoder_Opus::Set]
->-> [cldBCodecHandler::LoadEncoder]
Loading Encoder 'C:\Program Files\dBpowerAMP\encoder\mp3 (Lame).DLL'
<-<- [cldBCodecHandler::LoadEncoder]
BatchID [clEncoder::Set]
->-> [dBCoreConverter::StripCoreConverterCmds]
<-<- [dBCoreConverter::StripCoreConverterCmds]
SendRawUnCompressed [clEncoder::Get]
Communicate [clDecoder_Opus::Get]
Communicate [clEncoder::Get]
NeedHQAudio [clEncoder::Get]
Decode As [clDecoder_Opus::Set]
->-> [clDecoder_Opus::Open]
Opening file 'Z:\Ogg - Beastie Boys - Sabotage.opus' for read access: Opened
->-> [clDecoder_Opus::FillAudioInfo]
Creating Decode Buffer: Created
<-<- [clDecoder_Opus::Open]
SendOverReplayGainTags [clEncoder::Get]
->-> [clEncoder::BeginConversion]
Converting to 'Z:\Ogg - Beastie Boys - Sabotage.mp3' encoder settings ' -V="4" -original_bit="0"'
Lame encoder settings: -V 4 -o --noreplaygain -r --little-endian --bitwidth 16 - "Z:\Ogg - Beastie Boys - Sabotage.mp3"
<-<- [clEncoder::BeginConversion]
Communicate [clDecoder_Opus::Get]
Communicate [clEncoder::Get]
Encoding To: mp3 (Lame)
Encoder Cmd Line: -V="4" -original_bit="0"
============= CONVERSION BEGIN =============
============= CONVERSION END =============

Have a look in Event Viewer >> Window >> Applications

is dBpoweramp listed there?