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Thread: Opus Codec on 64 bit Windows 10 Pro

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    Opus Codec on 64 bit Windows 10 Pro

    Good Day People,

    I am running dbpoweramp 16.6 and attempted to install the opus codec. It stated it installed properly but is not listed under encoders or decoders. I have attempted a reinstall with the same result. Dbpoweramp will not recognize my .opus collection for manipulation.

    Anyone out there seen this issue or can point me to a post that discusses a resolution? A search came back empty.

    As noted in the title I am working off a 64 bit Windows 10 Pro operating system.

    I do appreciate the help,

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    Re: Opus Codec on 64 bit Windows 10 Pro

    Have you previously had an old version of dBpoweramp installed, or installed the 32 bit version?

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    Re: Opus Codec on 64 bit Windows 10 Pro

    Thank you for the assistance on this Spoon,

    To the best of my knowledge no. When I built this system and installed the 64 bit OS I bought a new version of dbpoweramp(16.x). That said I did previously have a license for (14.x) and I quite possibly forgot that I installed that version initially prior to getting the (16.x)license. If you are suspicious that I may be mistaken, or have seen similar reports when that was the issue I will gladly operate on that premise and take the steps you recommend based on that premise.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate your help,

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    Re: Opus Codec on 64 bit Windows 10 Pro

    Hello Spoon and those that come after,

    I wanted to tell you were correct. When I had replied initially to you I looked in the program file folder for multiple dbpoweramp folders. But only found the folder for the current 16.6 install. After a proper cup of coffee, however, I looked in the remove program interface(settings) and there were multiple dbpoweramp programs listed. Two of which were older dates.

    In the event that others stumble across this thread, if you are having problems removing the program try Wise uninstaller (safe uninstall). It is available for free and can be put on a portable drive. It was able to remove the residual program and the registry entries. I'm not sure it was necessary but I also ran C-cleaner and restarted.

    From there reinstall the current program version, codecs, and add on programs and you might be good.

    Good luck and thanks much Spoon,

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    Re: Opus Codec on 64 bit Windows 10 Pro

    Sorry to be THAT crazy forum guy,

    This appears to best fit in under this thread.

    As noted above I was able to get dbpowearmp to recognize the opus codec.

    It will encode from lossy and lossless perfectly.

    It will not decode from .opus to any other format on a windows 10 pro 64 bit system.

    Is there any hope?


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    Re: Opus Codec on 64 bit Windows 10 Pro

    You are able to select the opus files for conversion? (ie right click on one >> Convert To)

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