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Thread: Batch CD ripping / How to get started

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    Batch CD ripping / How to get started

    Our household has hundreds of music CDs that I would like to rip and store on our in-house LAN. After reviewing many threads in the dbpoweramp forum, I bought a used/working Primera Composer XL CD/DVD Duplicator & Signature Printer on eBay. Focusing on adaptation of the Composer XL Duplicator for batch CD ripping, I have a few questions about the best way to get started.

    Although my primary computer is a Windows 7 desktop, I was thinking that the age of the Primera Composer XL duplicator, its RS-232 control port, IEEE-1394 firewire data interface, and proprietary installation CD are better suited for Windows XP. I happen to have several Windows XP laptops available which have built-in IEEE 1394 firewire and RS-232 DB9 connectors.

    • So assuming I want to dedicate one of the XP laptops to this household CD ripping project, what is the best way to get started with dbpoweramp and its companion batch ripper?
    • Should I consider using my Windows 7 desktop instead of an XP laptop for the project? I think I will need to add RS-232 and IEEE-1394 interfaces (or USB/firewire and USB/RS232 converters) for the duplicator.
    • Before installing dbpoweramp, should I install the application software (and presumably drivers) from the Primera CD?
    • Is the installation and operating procedure documented anywhere for dbpoweramp usage with the Primera Composer XL?
    • Is the RS-232 serial port command set documented anywhere for the Primera Composer XL?
    • I have not downloaded the dbpoweramp trial software yet, but how much does it cost with the batch ripping option?

    For configuration purposes, the Primera Composer XL unit is model 62000 and has two firewire and one DB-9 RS-232 connector. The Primera installation CD says PrimoDVD 2.0 build 2.0.837 and is dated 6/13/02.

    Thanks for any help or guidance with this project.

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    Re: Batch CD ripping / How to get started

    You will have to experiment to get something working, for firewire you are best on XP.

    Batch Ripper is free as long as you have a registered version of dBpoweramp.

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    Re: Batch CD ripping / How to get started

    Thanks for this guidance, Spoon. I just discovered that the IEEE-1394 cabling and connections on the duplicator are standard-sized 4-pin while the 1394 port on my XP laptops are mini 6-pin. So before experimenting with dbpoweramp I need to find a cable adapter.

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