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Thread: PerfectTUNES Windows

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    Apr 2002

    PerfectTUNES Windows

    Update to R3.2

    all % working screens, made taller to fit text and icon better

    Album Art
    Retrieve from Internet updated for compatibility
    Sort on Resolution takes both width and height into account
    Previously fixed listing page gives also option for 'Fix' as well as 'Undo Fix' and '...' menu
    When click fix, shows Existing art if using only folder.jpg as source

    ID Tag
    Better support of high DPI
    Added 'Type' to file listing options
    Added DSD (dsf) tagging support
    Added settings option (in ID Tag) add 'PerfectTUNES: Edit ID-Tags' Command to Windows Explorer folder right click
    Added Channels, Bitrate, Sample Rate and Sample Size possible columns
    Added refresh button for file listing view (if new folders appear)
    No longer indexes when choose option 'Previously edited'
    Sort Tags >> Added new option to only show Items which are Inconsistent

    ID Tag & Album Art - added option in settings to preserve modification date when adding art or updating Tags
    AccurateRip - folder button added so can open explorer to show actual file
    DeDup - added option to send deleted files to a set folder

    Bug Fix
    If added D:\Music and D:\Music2 to be watched then last folder would not be scanned
    Possible GUI lockup removed
    ID Tag, if browsing by metadata and add a new column then would show tracks for first entry in file view
    ID Tag, if sorting by Rating then would put 5* near zero star rating

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    Apr 2002

    Re: PerfectTUNES Windows

    Updated to R3.3

    Changes R3.3

    Miniumum Windows Vista supported (XP no more)
    All Programs - better support for high resolutions
    DSD Tagging support added
    if screen resolution changes and is showing maximized or too big for screen, then make maximized again
    DeDup performance enhancement
    Skips hidden files being indexed
    Added new Apple Core Audio Format (CAF) decoder
    Added close and minimise to processing albums (Album art)
    PerfectTUNES Added minimize and cancel to various processing pages
    Album Art: if a custom art export filename is used (but not a dynamically created one from tags), then these will be read when program restarts and scans changes
    Album Art: new setting on options page 'Separate Multi Disc Albums' allows different art to be set for disc 2, disc 3, etc on box sets
    Loads PerfectTUNES specific decoder (previously could have loaded one from dBpoweramp or TuneFUSION)
    ID Tag: Added work, movement name, movement count and movement number to the list of tags can add

    Bug Fix: Year in format YYYY-MM-DD would cause the browsing by year to put year in wrong section
    Bug Fix: file rename + edit tags could corrupt the internal database

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