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Thread: Blind user could use some help please

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    Blind user could use some help please


    sorry this first post is a tad long. its taken me hours just to get to this point today in hopefully posting this cry for help.

    I am legally blind and am forced to use Apple accessibility features to get on the same playing field as sighted users.

    purchased CD Rip/Coverter a few days ago. being a former user with windows ver 14 > 2012, and noting this ver was for Mac my assuption was it would comply with Apple accessibility features, namely, VOICE OVER.

    thinking the trial ver likely would not disclose if ver 165 would indeed be fully compatible with VO and some former exp with it, I bought the ver right off and that took a good while to get straightened out!

    Regretablly it does not.

    using key commands ONLY I can not reconfigure anything!

    buttons are not labled or are not being announced.

    menus choicees are similarly not being spoken.

    the mouse/cursor as well remains silent when hovering on an icon or active element.

    Tabbing about does speak some titles and dialog boxes, yet these aspects do not respond to key connands to alter them, ie., arrow keys, enter, return, etc.

    I am some what able to use magnification of the screen to then move the mouse about and onto this or that item. though it is a real choreÖ but doable.

    I recall once confuration is set with ripper and converter things are far simpler, or they used to be.

    1 I donít know how to see if this copy has been fully opened or registered.

    could this be why the app seems unresponsive to key inputs?

    how do you obtain or receive the key code to open the app?

    inseting a CD with CD R open, it does populate its ID info, but again, I can esssentially do nothing to ammend preffs or options

    2 Iím clueless as to how to ensure all the codecs are in place (WAV, AIF, AAC) only FLAC set to predetermined level 5 shows up as the default profile when Ripper launches.

    2a I canít seem to get out of the Ripper app now to some other part, Codecs, configure, etc.

    2b I use the Super Drive by Apple via USB 3 on a 27 inch 5K with I5 q core, and 24GB RAM; with Mohave 14.4 which was just released..

    once two profiles are setup for AIF and AAC in CD RIP, Iíll be OK Iím pretty sure.

    3 do you still have to download each codec you want to use? or are they all in place with just the download?

    3a is there some config needed to enable them as options for Ripping?

    4 will converter be a right click option by default once audio files are selected in Finder?

    some insights on getting going would sure help as my last use in windows was with ver 14, in 2012.

    I still have that ver on XP but Windows accessiblity feature set is worse than Apples similar fetures hence the move to Apple.

    sorry, but the accessiblity constraints of the program force me to ask these likely fundamental very basic questions.
    please help if possible.

    many thanks, jim

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    Re: Blind user could use some help please

    It is likely that accessibility features have not been investigated yet for the Apple version.

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