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Thread: Advice regarding Rip as One

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    Advice regarding Rip as One

    UPDATE: While I still think it would be nice to have the enhancement I outlined below for convenience, I belatedly realized that you can add "Start LBA" and "End LBA" columns to the main track listing, and then manually input those into the Rip as One dialog, and it works perfectly, so I apologize for the below post. I'm leaving this up though in case it's of use to others.

    I was wondering if anyone has any tips for using Rip as One (RaO). I'm using the latest version 16.6

    Specifically, right now I want to rip a live 3-CD set where many of the songs have an "Intro" as a separate track. I want to combine the Intro + Song as a single track, as I often shuffle-play everything in a genre, and obviously the intros aren't of much use by themselves.

    The only way I can see to do this is to painstakingly sum all the track times preceding the into track in question, make that the start of the RaO, then add the intro + track duration to arrive at the rip duration.

    I realize you can use the bar at the top of the screen to click the Start and End times at the track markers, but I've found that to be less than ideal - it's hard to get it exactly right as there is no "snap to track start and end" as far as I can tell.

    About 3 versions ago I think I put in a feature request to add the ability to simply select (with the checkbox) adjacent (or not) tracks on the main screen and then choose "Rip as One", but I've given up hoping that will ever happen, so I was wondering how other users deal with RaO. Am I an outlier that I want to do this?

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