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Thread: How accurate is the AccurateRip ?

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    Question How accurate is the AccurateRip ?

    I am evaluating dbpoweramp ripper+converter and I was wondering how accurate the AccurateRip really is ?

    According to the AccurateRip information on this site


    "An optimization oversight in the original AccurateRip checksum algorithm results in an unintended loss of accuracy: about 3% of the audio data is not counted in the checksum at all. The left channel's samples are fully included, but in a 65,536-sample cycle, half of the right-channel samples are treated as if they're missing anywhere from 1 bit to all 16 bits."

    And this discussion


    AccurateRip check sum calculation has a serious flaw that means that errors can go through without AccurateRip noticing it ? It seems like the accuracy is around 97%. And what about ignoring the 5 blocks from the beginning and end of a track ? What if there are errors ? Not detected ?

    Should I enable C2 error detection ? According to this site


    C2 error detection accuracy is 99.9 %, is it better to use secure C2 mode ?

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    Re: How accurate is the AccurateRip ?

    The issue was corrected along time ago with V2 checksums, all entries should have a v2 entry these days.

    C2 is no where near 99.9% when looking beyond single error detection, for example if you have a disc with 1000 errors, then each error tests that 99.9%, where-as AccurateRip is track based.

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    Re: How accurate is the AccurateRip ?

    And if your optical drive supports C2 error checking, that can be used in any case when using dbpa and accuraterip. This is not an either or situation. But do keep in mind that many (most?) drives that report having C2 error checking, don't actually implement C2 correctly and can let errors pass. Accuraterip is head and shoulders above any other method of confirming a bit perfect rip. And it is used by rippers other than dbpa (EAC for example).

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