Hi there,

got a severe prob ripping my cd collection with dBp.
After a loss of nearly all my ripped music CDs (about 20.000 files) due to a hard disk crash I'm working on re-ripping them with dBpoweramp v.16.5 for Mac to apple lossless (m4a). My computer is an iMac mid 2015, the CD-drive is a Plextor PX-230A. The used Storage is a USB 3.0 RAID5-bunch of disks in an ICY Box case.

I re-ripped nearly 600 songs, the cd-ripper said always accurate, when I heard today a suspect ugly noise peak in the mid of a song. After checking the new rips with Perfect Tunes it says that the most songs from 15 albums are inaccurate. How could that happen? dBp ripper says accurate and Perfect tunes says not.

What can be the mistake?
What can I do?

Thanks in advance.