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Thread: CD Ripper Hanging after ripping 3 CDs

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    Talking CD Ripper Hanging after ripping 3 CDs

    I recently updated to Version 16.6 and since doing so i have had various issues with the software.
    After around 3 cds the software stops responding.
    Putting the CDs in and getting the metadata is painful and slow and even if it does load and I click rip nothing happens until i shut down and restart.

    I use windows 10 Pro with 32gb of ram.

    If this carries on I will go back to the old version ( i retained the install) and see if that fixes the issues.

    Has anyone else experienced this and if so have you resolved it?



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    Re: CD Ripper Hanging after ripping 3 CDs

    You can try the old version, however I am quite sure it will be the same.

    The issue is either a hardware issue, such as CD drive miss-behaving, or security software related. Try to start Windows in safe mode, this is a clean startup.

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