As soon as I start CD Ripper or Batch Ripper, and before selecting a drive, I get the cdgrab error popup, as shown in the title. Image attached.

no cd error.PNG

Using the latest release 16.6 Reference, and batch ripper with Primera Composer 6000. The Windows 7 computer also has a DVD drive. There are usually no CDs already in either drive as we won;t be using the DVD drive, and the Primera hasn't loaded the first disk in the batch for ripping.
This problem started recently. But also was occurring with Ref 15.3 version.

Also, this error window ALSO comes up when batch ripping. After each disk metadata has been read, and the metadata review window is "OK"ed, this same error window pops up.
In both cases, hitting Continue or Try Again, 2 times, allows the Batch Ripping to continue.

BTW: When ripping a batch of CDs when human intervention not desired, I don't want the Metadata review window to show up after every CD in the Batch Rip, but can't seem to find a way to turn it off. I have had it off in the past, I think installing 16.6 version turned it back on??

Help much appreciated.