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Thread: Debian 32-bit installation problems

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    Mar 2019

    Debian 32-bit installation problems

    I tried to install 32-bit debian version of asset premium by using the line as written in the documentation:

    wget http://secure.dbpoweramp.com/downloa...rnum=123456789 -O asset.tar.gz
    (with actual order number)
    But “./AssetUPnP” then gives the message “exec format error”.
    Is it possible that the used download link copies the 64-bit version? If I try the line for 64-bit version, I get the same message.

    32-bit free version works without no problems.

    And now, when I try it again I get a message:
    “HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 409 Download locked try again in 3 hours
    2019-03-18 10:16:19 ERROR 409: Download locked try again in 3 hours.”

    It seems that additional downloads are blocked because of earlier downloads. Whereby my last attempt was about 10 hours ago. Not nice …

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    Re: Debian 32-bit installation problems

    Download through a web browser:


    and transfer across to the Debian if required

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