I recently purchased your Asset UPnP Premium software and installed it on a Macbook Pro running Mac OS Mojave version 10.14.3. My music, however, is stored on a much older (2007) I-Mac running El Capitan 10.11.8, with UPnP provided by Playback, which works OK, but is not ideal as this company is no longer in business, and I fear that the app might be affected by a future system update. I have downloaded my music library from the Cloud to my MacBook Pro and everything is working well, but I would prefer to keep my music on the older iMac, since that is its sole use nowadays. Is it possible for me to run the Asset software on both computers and if so, how would I do so? (Iím not overly IT-savvy, Iím afraid!). The 2007 I-Mac has an icon for an older version of Asset in the ĎApplicationsí folder, but it is an Alias and canít be opened as it tells me íThe original canít be foundí. I believe I deleted it because it wasnít very good at discovering album covers, but I presume this has been improved in the later versions.

Thanks, in advance, for your help,

Vic Williams