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Thread: Adding today's date to a tag automatically

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    Question Adding today's date to a tag automatically


    Apologies if I missed this in my search of the online help and the forums.

    I use a custom tag "RipDate" which I manually set to today's date when I rip a CD. That way I can sort my albums by ripping date in my music server. I use Minimserver, which is excellent, except for one thing: it cannot display albums in the order that they were added to the library by itself. With my custom RipDate tag however, I can work around that.

    What I would like to do is to set the value of the RipDate tag automatically in CD Ripper. I had a look at the DSP effect ID Tag Processing, where under the "Additions" tab I added my RipDate tag with a value of [date].

    However, when I look at the resulting tag value after ripping, the value of RipDate is the string "[date]".

    Is what I want doable with the ID Tag Processing DSP? Or should I look into using an external tag processing script?

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    Re: Adding today's date to a tag automatically

    I do not think you can do this, external scripting would work as you can set any tag value.

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    Re: Adding today's date to a tag automatically

    I came on here to search for a way to do exactly as the OP indicates. Coincidentally, I use the exact same tag of RipDate to set the date the file was ripped. I've been doing this since the middle of 2018. It would be so much easier to have this feature automatically add the rip date. It's a minor inconvenience to manually set it before you rip each day. No biggie. The major inconvenience is when you forget to set the date until after you've ripped a couple dozen discs or even forget altogether. If I knew how to write a DSP effect (not sure I'm even stating that correctly) I would certainly do so, however, I do not have that particular talent. I would vote for this feature in a future release and would pay once again for the upgrade just for that feature. Please consider.

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