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Thread: UPC/EAN in Bach Ripper

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    UPC/EAN in Bach Ripper

    is there any way to configure the batch ripper in a way that a user will be able to type in the EAN/UPC code to the TAG Data, so that tay will be included while during the ripping process?

    CD-Ripper allows to set that Tag before ripping, but somehow i didn't find a way to do the same with the batch ripper. I'm asking because it's kinda crucial to the way i organize my mp3 collection havin several albums in different versions.

    If the batch-ripper doesn't offer this option it should be no problem to run different instances of the CD-Ripper, right?

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    Re: UPC/EAN in Bach Ripper

    Batch Ripper does not offer this. You can run multiple instances of CD Ripper.

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