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Thread: Multi-Encoder truncating re-sampled files

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    Multi-Encoder truncating re-sampled files

    Spoon, Team,

    Over the weekend I ripped a CD using the multi-encoder setting to Apple Lossless. Without going into detail why I chose the second encode to re-sample a CD at 44.1 to 96kHz using the multi-encoder rather than ripping to 44.1 and then using music converter to re-sample those 44.1 files to 96kHz, the multi-encoder threw up differences in length and samples - please see below:

    Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 15.27.20.jpg

    Bit comparison in foobar:

    Differences found in 6 out of 6 track pairs.

    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5)\16bit-96kHz\01 In The Night.m4a"
    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5+)\16bit-96kHz\01 In The Night.m4a"
    Length mismatch : 6:28.293333 vs 6:28.152896, 37276160 vs 37262678 samples

    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5)\16bit-96kHz\02 Suburbia (The Full Horror).m4a"
    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5+)\16bit-96kHz\02 Suburbia (The Full Horror).m4a"
    Length mismatch : 8:56.066667 vs 8:55.950229, 51462400 vs 51451222 samples

    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5)\16bit-96kHz\03 Opportunities.m4a"
    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5+)\16bit-96kHz\03 Opportunities.m4a"
    Length mismatch : 5:30.600000 vs 5:30.467562, 31737600 vs 31724886 samples

    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5)\16bit-96kHz\04 Paninaro.m4a"
    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5+)\16bit-96kHz\04 Paninaro.m4a"
    Length mismatch : 8:36.040000 vs 8:35.925344, 49539840 vs 49528833 samples

    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5)\16bit-96kHz\05 Love Comes Quickly.m4a"
    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5+)\16bit-96kHz\05 Love Comes Quickly.m4a"
    Length mismatch : 7:38.360000 vs 7:38.240010, 44002560 vs 43991041 samples

    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5)\16bit-96kHz\06 West End Girls.m4a"
    "D:\Pet Shop Boys\Disco (16.5+)\16bit-96kHz\06 West End Girls.m4a"
    Length mismatch : 9:04.866667 vs 9:04.711115, 52307200 vs 52292267 samples

    The 16.5 means ripped to 44.1 and then converted by music converter while 16.5+ means using the multi-encoder setting.

    Thought I'd report this.

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    Re: Multi-Encoder truncating re-sampled files

    Thanks for the report will check next time in this area.

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