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Thread: Streaming Issues With Tunein Radio

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    Streaming Issues With Tunein Radio

    I am having streaming issues trying to play tunein radio stations from the Asset server. First of all, no stations would play. I then changed the streaming option for .radio files from asis to wav and the radio stations would then play albeit with a little buffering particularly during the first few minutes. None of the other file options worked in the Asset config menu. The tunein radio station reception is very unpredictable when playing from the Asset server. Sometimes no stations will load at all and other times they will buffer at the start before eventually becoming a stable stream. In order to get them sort of working again I have to uninstall and reinstall the Asset server (simply restarting the server does not work).

    My setup is Asset UPnP server running on a 4K iMac, music library stored on a Synology DS118 nas. Im using a Cambridge CXN media streamer for playback. My local music library flac files play back well using Asset server. It is just the tunein radio playback that im having issues with.

    I should point out that my CXN media streamer already has an integrated internet radio tuner. The internet radio stations play back perfectly using the CXN tuner. It is only when I try to play the tunein radio stations via Asset that I have these problems. This implies to me that it is not an issue with my network.

    For the record, I have both the CXN streamer and Mac (running the Asset Server) hard wired by Ethernet into the router. I have fibre optic broadband from Virgin (download speed 350mb/s).

    Is it possible that there is interference between the built in internet radio function on the CXN and the tunein radio? Could this be causing my issues. As far as I can tell, there is no way to disable the internet radio function from the CXN.

    Can anyone assist me in getting the tunein stations to play without the above issues? I could just use the built in tuner for internet radio but I would prefer to use the tunein option particularly as I have just paid for the premium registered version of Asset server.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Streaming Issues With Tunein Radio

    It is not possible to stream radio to the Cambridge through Asset as every 5 seconds the Cambridge closes and reopens the stream.

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    Re: Streaming Issues With Tunein Radio

    Ok thanks for the clarification. Disappointing but thanks.

    Guess Iíll Just have to use the CXN version.

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