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Thread: (LOST_SYNC @ 0m 00s) & (MD5_MISMATCH) error questions

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    (LOST_SYNC @ 0m 00s) & (MD5_MISMATCH) error questions


    About 10 years ago I ripped my CD collection into FLAC files using dBpoweramp. I verified all of them using AccurateRip and they all came out clean. Since then I have been purchasing music from Amazon and rip the downloaded MP3's into Flac's and playing everything using a Squeezebox 3 Classic Player and the Squeeze Server application without issue.

    I recently downloaded a trial copy of Roon and after it scanned my library, thousands of tracks were marked corrupted and it will not play them. I dumped my collection into AudioTester v1.7 to analyze my files and the ones that were corrupted had one of the following errors associated with it: (MD5_MISMATCH) or (LOST_SYNC @ 0m 00s). I have searched the forums for these errors and found nothing.

    I am not sure why I can play these files using Squeeze Server but not Roon. If I want to transition over to Roon I will need to address these issues with my files. Is there any way I can fix these issues without have to re-rip thousands of tracks? I haven't gone through the list yet to see if any of the MP3 purchases are also affected this way.



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    Re: (LOST_SYNC @ 0m 00s) & (MD5_MISMATCH) error questions

    You can use dBpoweramp and convert the files to 'Test Conversion', any which are corrupt will show as so. Perhaps they are encoded with an old version of FLAC, you can convert your whole library to the latest flac by:

    Load Batch Converter
    Select you root music folder
    Click filter and only include FLAC files
    Click Convert
    Set the encoder as FLAC (make sure no DSP effects are listed)
    For the Output to, choose 'Existing Source Folder'

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    Re: (LOST_SYNC @ 0m 00s) & (MD5_MISMATCH) error questions

    I had a similar issue with about 1000 files that Roon thought were corrupted but LMS played ok. In my case these were mp3 files that had odd rates, like 22.5 instead of 44.1, etc. Roon handled all my flac files fine. Roon support is good. Make a post on their forum and provide them an example of a file that produces this error for them to test.

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