Hi experts!

Please allow me to post this thread again because my previous posting was misleading or ambiguous, as I had to learn. Sorry for that. Here's my new, hopefully correctly described problem: is it possible to mass delete some thousand inaccurate duplicates and if so, how can I do this.

Actually, the "mass-delete"-task, considered by its own is - thanks to 'De-Dup' - no problem at all. But, the challenge becomes a little bigger when there are many accurately ripped music files among the duplicates but also many inaccurately ripped ones and you only want to delete the inaccurate.

What makes the task not really easier is the fact that all the concerning files are ripped by the same method (ALAC). All of the file's names have the same ending (.m4a) and the inaccuracy (or even audible errors!) are not externally discernible.

Of course, 'Accurate Rip' recognizes them. But it doesn't recognize the concerning file as a duplicate.

Is there a possibility to make 'De-Dup' to (mass-)delete the inaccurate duplicates? This might make me really happy.

Thanks in advance!