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Thread: AccurateRip suddenly unconfigured

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    Unhappy AccurateRip suddenly unconfigured


    I purchased dBpoweramp in december and configured the program (including AccurateRip) according to the guides I found here. Its been working just fine until sometime last week when I tried to rip a new CD.
    My drive has gone from configured to unconfigured and I'm not sure why. I've made no hardware or software changes to my windows machine other than windows updates. Also worth noting is that this happened before upgrading dBpoweramp to 16.6.

    The cd-drive is an Asus BW-16D1H-U.

    So My questions are:
    What happened, and why?
    Should I just reconfigure AccurateRip or is this a symptom of a problem with something else?

    I'm thankful for any help!


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    Re: AccurateRip suddenly unconfigured

    Windows Update on some machines can wipe all the program customizations, I have seen it on my own machine. Reconfigure AccurateRip.

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