My question is about naming classical music. Have read several threads here already but haven't yet found a naming scheme that does what I need.

I have a folder for Classical. Within that folder are separate folders for each composer listed by last name first.
Example: Mendelssohn, Felix

Basically, I want to rip and organize a large Classical music collection by:
Composer (last name first)/Album Title/Conductor/Artist (Orchestra/Soloist)/Track-Title

Hopefully, the scheme would handle compilations and multi-disk sets, too.
Some disks have works by various composers. In that case it would be desirable for each composer's work on the disk to be ripped to that composer's folder.

Example: CD containing Schubert's Symphony No.5, and Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture and Symphony No.3 'Scottish'. Schubert would be listed in Schubert folder and both Mendelssohn works would be listed in the Mendelssohn folder. (When using Windows Media Player for playback, one could, if desired, click on the "Album" heading in the left-hand menu and the disk would be listed under the album title of Schubert and Mendelssohn, etc. So, more than one way to look it up, i.e. composer or album title.

I can handle recital disks by a particular artist differently, no problem.

Can anyone give me a naming scheme that would cover/include all of these variables, please?