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Thread: TuneFUSION [Windows]

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    TuneFUSION [Windows]

    TuneFUSION has one purpose: automatically synchronize your audio collection to various devices:

    USB removable flash drives,
    Mobile foobar2000,
    Network Shares,

    When synchronizing a music collection for your car, you might want to choose a favorite subset of your music, create a new album selection, change the audio format and normalize all tracks to the same volume, TuneFUSION can do all this with ease.

    TuneFUSION can also automatically sync when the device appears on the system. Customize TuneFUSION once to meet your requirements, set and forget.

    Full details:


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    Apr 2002

    Re: TuneFUSION [Windows]

    Updated to Release 1.2

    Added right click >> remove sync in main window
    Made indexer only index folders used by the currently running sync if there are multiple syncs
    Added thread descriptions in debug build
    Fb2k mobile reliability improvements
    Made order of transferred files sorted by source path instead of hash by default
    UI tweaks, added main sync list context menu, added menu to toggle 1:1 copy formats by lossy/lossless
    Changed default settings for foobar2000 mobile sync (Opus instead of MP3, preserve original folder structure)
    Tab window now has icon
    Added DSD to the 1:1 copy options
    Added option to export folder.jpg and remove internal art
    Added new option 'Populate Artist from Album Artist'

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed [subpath] with alternate capitalizations of music folder paths
    Fixed negative LastWriteTime causing spurious transfers
    Fixed label which overwrote dialog
    'Rewrite ID Tags' this option was overriding ID Tag processing and the original tags are written
    If doing 1:1 copy then ID Tag processing was not being used
    Fixed missing WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT resulting in dialog lockups
    Fixed shutdown crash; fixed reporting of incomplete sync; added special handling of unsupported file formats that we can still copy 1:1

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