We bought a Nimbie NB21 these days and we have a special problem:
We use dbPowerAmp, because our customers prefer FLAC-Format and absolut error-free copying of the CDs.
But the CDs are often dirty and scratched.
The Nimbie reads them and throws the CDs on the ready-stack even though some tracks are shown as "inaccurate".
But it is necessary for us, that the Nimbie rejects "inaccurate" CDs.
So we can clean this CDs or put them in a CD-repairmachine - and read them again.

Because it is nearly impossible to remove the faulty CDs from a stack with 100 CDs using the protocol.

Since then we have done this manually with 8 CD drives. And dbPowerAmp was set to eject only accurate CDs.
So we were able to clean inaccurate CDs immediately.

How can we handle this with the Nimbie and dbPowerAmp?
It should so that inaccurate CDs are rejected after ripping.
Are there any parameters we can set?

Many thanks for your help.