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Thread: Add support for Chapters / Markers (dMC)

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    dBpoweramp Enthusiast
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    Jan 2006

    Cool Add support for Chapters / Markers (dMC)

    It would be cool if you would consider adding support for WAV/FLAC markers, that
    they would survive as MP3 chapters when converted ...

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    dBpoweramp Enthusiast brandonjp's Avatar
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    Thumbs up Re: Add support for Chapters / Markers (dMC)

    Ditto on this.

    Oof! Last month, I down-sized a bunch of old MP3 Audiobooks from 320kbs Stereo to 96kbs Mono MP3 and just assumed everything was great until last week I tried skipping to a chapter. Went back and checked that all of the files had lost chapters. And the originals are long gone now :(

    Regardless, would be a great addition for the future!

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